frank 2019

What is frank? Frank is more than just a gathering. It is an essential community for movement builders and change makers – the people who use communications to drive positive social, institutional and behavioral change. A part of the University of Florida Center for Public Interest Communications, frank gathering informs and drives the field of public interest communications through research, insights and news.

About frank 2019. Frank 2019 looks into the heart of social impact. Space. Reimagining space. Letting it be. Creating it. Bringing others in. Closing the space between us. The struggle with space and the tension of who and what fills it unifies the work of all who create social impact. It drives science, justice, expression and well-being. And it animates frank as a center for changing the way change is made. Space is not the final frontier. Space is the eternal canvas on which we paint and repaint progress.

Skills: Concept design, branding, product design, editorial layout, wayfinding, 

My role: Team project—concept design, branding, product design, editorial layout